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Body Zorbs

Body Zorbs are fun and a novel way to create a safe interactive inflatable game for children and younger adults.

The user slides into a harness in the middle of the inflatable ball. Then the person can run into one another, bouncing off and falling safely onto the ground. The action is then to allow oneself to roll around on the ground, while being protected by the zorb outer membrane. Other activities performed can be roll, fall, headstand, battle and bounce without risk of injury, great exercise and energetic!

The Body Zorb’s come with its own large inflatable barrier, to protect both the participants and spectators.

Due to the nature of this Action Sport, height restriction and minimum age is 11 plus. Smaller adults are also able to take part in this activity.

The required space for this activity is 10 metre square and can be operated on a flat grassed area or inside a sports hall etc.

Price for this activity starts locally at £175.00 for 2 hours, plus additional fees are added for distance travelled and additional hours required.

Highly recommended for community events, festivals and also larger organisations who work with groups of teenagers or younger adults in a youth focused environment.

Body Zorbs
Body Zorbs